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  • The Perfect Voter–Part II

    Constitution and Flag

    Nearly ten years ago I posted a lighthearted article called The Perfect Voter. At that time, I was concerned that people were losing sight of the very basis of our freedom to vote: our Constitution and our Bill of Rights.

    In the nearly ten years since, I find, this is no longer something I can write about lightheartedly.

    The Perfect Voter in 2010 was a reminder to readers how easy it is to vote for the right person based on finding and applying your “center” — choosing candidates and issues you support and believe in, knowing that our founders supplied us with the essential basis for our center while respecting our freedom to choose within that construct.

    But things have become much more serious in the past decade — more consequential than in previous decades. More and more, candidates are openly advocating revoking the freedoms guaranteed by our Constitution and our Bill of Rights, and issues are on ballots that will impose more burdens on us.

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  • The Perfect Voter

    Tuesday is the so-called mid-term elections.

    Many will work through the candidates’ positions and the issues on their ballots. They will listen carefully to the news, ads, and interviews. They will record the debates and play them back, pausing to jot down notes.

    Then they will forget to vote.

    Others won’t pay attention to anything, ask a drinking buddy what he thinks and drop the ballot in the mail without giving it another thought.

    … in fact, some of them will hear about the polls being open on the radio on the way to work Tuesday, run to the polls and vote again!

    And that’s how America will choose its future direction – and the way we’ve been doing it for over 200 years. Unless…

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  • Conclusion - Mark 16:19-20

    Today's reflection marks the final and 100th post on the Gospel of Mark. Since October 2nd, 2008, I've posted a reflection each week.

    Mark concludes his gospel with two simple statements, paraphrased here:

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  • A Great Commission - Mark 16:15-18

    When Jesus appeared to the eleven disciples He had one last command for them:

    "Go into all the world and preach the Good News to all creation." (Mark 16:15)

    But Matthew's Gospel provides a more complete rendition of the Great Commission:

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  • Fourteen New Testimonies - Mark 16:9-14

    Last week Mary Magdalene, Mary the mother of James, and Salome discovered the open tomb and encountered a young man dressed in white who proclaimed, "He has risen!" (Mark 16:6). The young man also told them to tell His disciples and Peter, "He is going ahead of you into Galilee. There you will see Him, just as He told you." (Mark 16:7)

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  • He Is Risen! - Mark 16:1-8

    Early Sunday morning, Mary Magdalene, Mary the mother of James, and Salome went to the tomb where Joseph had entombed Jesus' body the Friday before. They brought spices used for anointing the dead (Mark 16:1-2). Their greatest concern seemed to be finding someone to roll the stone away so they could get to the body (Mark 16:3).

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  • The Boldness of Joseph - Mark 15:42-47

    Mark 15:43 tells us that Joseph of Arimathea was a prominent member of the Sanhedrin. Luke 23:50-51 adds that Joseph was a good and upright man who had opposed the action of his fellow council members in their condemnation of Jesus. Both passages affirm that Joseph was "waiting for the kingdom of God." We can safely conclude that this fact was included in scripture because he saw Jesus' connection to God's kingdom.

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  • Three Testimonies - Mark 15:38-41

    Last week we read of Jesus' last moments before His death. Among the New Testament writers, only John was an eyewitness. But there were many testimonies to Jesus' death - and to His resurrection - both within scripture and in secular history. And there are three often-neglected testimonies right here in this passage.

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  • Why Have You Forsaken Me? - Mark 15:33-37

    The word forsake means to abandon, to break off from. In the crucifixion of Jesus Christ - the second person of the one Triune God - our Lord was at once the only sacrifice worthy to bear our sins, and the holy Son of God. God cannot look upon sin - He cannot have sin in His holy presence. Jesus at that moment was rejected by His Father God with whom He had been One for all eternity past. Why? Because He was bearing the sins of the world.

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  • Piling On - Mark 15:24-32

    The Man who only hours earlier was teaching at the temple (Lk. 21:37-38), who was anointed by close friends at Bethany (Mk. 14:3), was now among the two robbers hanging on a cross. At the foot of the cross, the soldiers cast lots for His clothing (Mk. 15:24). Meanwhile, everyone seemed to be piling on:

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