About Seek The Truth

Seek The Truth is a plea to society to embrace absolute truth, to the extent it can be discovered, and discern it from falsehood. What we can know and what we do know may only be a matter of learning or investigation. What we can't know, we must not proclaim to know, and what we do know, we must accept.

Perspective is not necessarily truth. If you and I witness an automobile accident between two lone drivers, there are generally five perspectives: yours, mine, each of the drivers... and the truth.

Opinion is not necessarily truth. What influences our opinions is virtually unknowable to those to whom we express it. As a result, we must view the opinions of others as simply that - opinions; even though others may emphatically insist they are telling the truth.

Multiple conflicting truths are not truth. How do we reconcile conflicting truths? Such a paradox does not pose a question for the ages, nor does it imply some sort of deep wisdom. Most likely, it's a combination of stubbornness and foolishness.

About the author

The Author 

The author of Seek The Truth loves to read and write (too bad he's not much for arithmetic). He's fascinated with history and politics and considers it paramount that we recognize the limits of what we know.

His basis for truth is Holy Scripture - that found in the Bible. Now to the non-believer, this may violate everything previously stated about what truth is, but by personal experience, centuries of testimony, and observation, the author is quite secure on this point.

One must look to the deeper truths of the Bible and not get caught up in controversies. You can debate this or that all your life, and completely miss the lessons found in Scripture and lose out on the eternal lessons that can be found there.

When you watch a science fiction or fantasy movie, you need to suspend disbelief - to get rid of all doubt and embarrassment - and seek the truth of the message. The difference is that when the movie's over, you discover that nothing was real. With Scripture, you'll discover that it is real.

It's important that you learn the right lessons from Scripture, and that takes a lifetime.  The author makes no claim to always being right and certainly no claim to any expertise in Scripture study or application. He's just with you on the journey, exploring and then expressing his findings, submitted for your consideration.