August 12, 2009

Sharing the Future

Jesus took the disciples away from the crowds to teach them privately. Remember that when Jesus was with the crowds, He taught in parables (Mark 4:34). Now, alone with the disciples, Jesus explained everything.

Maybe they needed a little refresher on prayer after the last passage, in which Jesus was a little frustrated at their inability to cast a spirit out of a man’s son.

But what Mark records here is a lot more serious. Jesus was preparing them for what was soon to come – something that would challenge their faith like nothing else. He told them:

  • He was going to be betrayed
  • He was going to be killed
  • After three days He would rise

This isn’t the first time Jesus told them this. He had also told them in Mark 8:31-32. On that occasion, Peter didn’t like the sound of that and Jesus rebuked him. They did not understand then, and they don’t understand here in this passage either (Mark 9:32).

But we learn important things from this brief passage:

  • God shares His future plans – plainly – with those He loves and who love Him
  • We should not be afraid to ask about things we do not understand
  • We should always listen carefully when we hear the Lord speak – our future may depend on it.