Monthly Archives: June 2010

Carrying Christ’s Cross

After multiple beatings, a debilitating flogging, sleep deprivation and hatred and lies spewed at Him, Jesus was barely able to stand, let alone carry His own cross on the long route to Golgotha. So the soldiers pulled a man from the crowd, Cyrus of Cyrene, and forced him to carry […]

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Our Capacity for Evil

After Pilate had given in to the crowds and ordered Barabbas released, Jesus was flogged (Mark 15:15Mark 15:15English: World English Bible – WEB15 Pilate, wishing to please the multitude, released Barabbas to them, and handed over Jesus, when he had flogged him, to be crucified.WP-Bible plugin) and then led to the praetorium where […]

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The People Pleaser

Pilate didn’t want to order Jesus’ crucifixion. Why? He didn’t want to give the Jews, whom he despised, the satisfaction (Mark 15:10Mark 15:10English: World English Bible – WEB10 For he perceived that for envy the chief priests had delivered him up.WP-Bible plugin). But he had other reasons: Pilate’s wife had a dream warning […]

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Responding to Truth

Two weeks ago we saw Jesus appearing before the High Priest (Mark 14:53-65Mark 14:53-65English: World English Bible – WEB53 They led Jesus away to the high priest. All the chief priests, the elders, and the scribes came together with him. 54 Peter had followed him from a distance, until he came into the court […]

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I Don’t Know This Man

About a month ago we read how Jesus had predicted the scattering of the disciples and, in particular, how Peter would deny Jesus three times. At the time, Peter could not conceive of any reason he would ever deny his Lord.

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