Monthly Archives: May 2010

No Room for Doubt

All the religious big-wigs gathered together in the chambers of the High Priest: the Chief Priests, Elders and Teachers of the Law (Mark 14:53). All seeking to build a case against Jesus so they could put Him to death (Mark 14:55). It seemed that in all of Jesus’ public speaking, […]

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Mark’s Testimony

Mark 14:51-52 is a curious passage of scripture. The gospel writer is describing the arrest of Jesus. It begins the series of events which led to Jesus’ unjust trial, conviction, execution by crucifixion, and ultimate resurrection. Yet these two verses, in the midst of all Jesus’ followers deserting Him, describe […]

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The Scriptures Must Be Fulfilled

Last week we touched on how Jesus struggled with God’s will for Him. Today we read how He is betrayed and arrested – the beginning of the fulfillment of God’s will as described in the Old Testament prophesies. Jesus’ words reveal that His decision was final: “But the Scriptures must […]

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The Pray, Watch and Resist Cycle

In less than 24 hours, Jesus was going to suffer immeasurable physical brutality and a long, excruciating death in naked humiliation hanging on a cross. Jesus was fully aware of this, and even told His disciples, “my soul is overwhelmed with sorrow to the point of death.” (Mark 14:34) In […]

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