Monthly Archives: March 2009

You Can Never Go Home – Or Can You?

I was no angel growing up. In fact, I was kind of a dork. My mouth was generally engaged before my brain, and I constantly blurted out things that, if thought through, were usually better left unsaid. It wasn’t because I was mean, it was because I lacked any sense […]

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Belief and Faith – Part II

When we last left Jarius, Jesus had agreed to go with him to heal Jarius’ daughter. Now we learn that it’s too late. Some men met Jesus, Jarius and the crowds following them and reported that the girl was dead. That’s a faith-destroyer. Jarius must have been on his knees […]

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Faith – an Interlude

Between the two parts of Jarius’ story, as Jesus and the crowd that surrounded Him were walking to Jarius’ home, Jesus felt His healing power emanating from Him – received by someone in the crowd hidden among them.

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