Monthly Archives: December 2008

Shooting Yourself in the Foot

In brief: These so-called “teachers” come to the brilliant conclusion that Jesus is possessed by Satan, and Satan is using Jesus to cast out his own army of demons from possessing others, thereby weakening Satan himself. Psychologists would call it self-loathing, or self-hatred, or some kind of deeply-rooted guilt expressing […]

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A Pretty Good Success Rate

Jesus appointed twelve among all who followed Him, naming them Apostles. That’s a special and unique station in history, and even though we hear of churches today who claim apostleship, it belonged to a select few and for a specific purpose. Jesus named:

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Rock Star Status

And then I saw Him in a crowd A lot of people had gathered round Him The beggars shouted and the lepers called Him The old man said nothing He just stared about him All going down to see the Lord Jesus All going down to see the Lord Jesus […]

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Law vs. Compassion

Jesus and His disciples were simply picking some heads of grain as they walked along the grain fields. The Pharisees accused them of “doing what is unlawful on the Sabbath” (Mark 2:24). So Jesus reminded them of their own history.

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Fasting for What?

John the Baptists’ disciples were not liked very much by the Pharisees of the day. The Baptist was preaching the coming of the Lord – the Messiah – and was not shy about exposing the Pharisees’ (and others) hypocrisy. John’s disciples were fasting to be sure Jesus was the Messiah.

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