Monthly Archives: November 2008

There’s Always Room for One More…

Zig Ziglar tells a story about inviting a friend to church. The friend said, “I’m not going to any church, they’re all just a bunch of hypocrites.” And Zig responded, “Well, c’mon down then – there’s always room for one more.” And so those same lawyers who complained about Jesus […]

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Anarchy Behind Homosexual Marriage

There has been enormous controversy about California’s Proposition 8, the so-called Gay Marriage “Ban”. Most people don’t know the facts behind this. In 2000, 61% of Californians voted to define marriage as between one man and one woman. After it was passed, the state legislature made efforts to overturn the […]

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And Not Only That…

The crowds were so great no one could even get through the door. When Jesus returned to Capernaum, word had spread so quickly that a paralytic, carried by friends, seemed to have no chance to get close enough to be healed by Jesus. But these folks were not so easily […]

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Ancient Paparazzi

Imagine what it must be like to be a celebrity. There are the “Hollywood” types, and those in media, both of whom have the money and resources to protect their privacy – to a certain extent. Then there are those thrust into the spotlight as a result of circumstances beyond […]

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Focused Purpose

Like many, my attention is often diverted from one thing to another several times a day. But Jesus did not ever seem to deviate from His plan. This passage seems to give us a clue as to how He did it. Jesus prayed. After a long night of healing the […]

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